The beauty industry has been growing with record strength in recent periods and is seen by some to be a more stable source of profit than fashion. While many luxury conglomerates develop beauty brands to complement their fashion offerings, homewares may be the new direction for brands looking to diversify profit streams further. And it might not be a silly option; homewares and fashion aren't so far apart. The colour palettes mirror each other, ultimate consumers are often the same people and can be reached through the similar channels - namely lifestyle media.

If you're still sceptical, a look at several fashion month shows will demonstrate the diversification has already tentatively started. Gucci previously released a capsule collection of homewares, while other designers sent models down the runway with homewares in tow. Calvin Klein's models toted blankets with slogans on them, Mother Of Pearl's models carried cushions which matched outfits.

From the brands' perspectives, smaller soft furnishing items such as these are entry points for consumers - much as a sock or a cap. While larger or more complex items may command higher prices and a more exclusive approach, the humble cushion may prove a worthy product development for fashion brands looking to win extra sales from consumers.