Streetwear label Bad Things is named after one of Mala Brajkovic’s favourite songs by L7. Brajkovic and Bad Things’ two other founders, Vinnie Woolston and Maki Nishiyama, we racking their brains for a brand name when the electrorock band’s song began to play and it fitted perfectly.

A recent exhibition with legendary skater Peggy Oki and a new Bad Things print called Bad Tail encapsulates the brand’s penchant for skate culture with a fun and creative graphic gore edge. The three founders also have a custom digital print business called Magik Viper, which they use to print their Bad Things product as well as custom print jobs, from a single tee to bigger jobs for commercial companies.

The trio works with a lot of Raglan businesses where they are based as well as companies around New Zealand. Digital printing is quick and has no set up costs so it works really well for those working with small unit numbers. Just an email with artwork is needed and Magik Viper can courier the product out the following, or even the same, day. Please contact for print queries or for Bad Things.