Shiori grew up in Japan and later in Europe where she studied beauty and design. When she was a child, she remembered being joyful when she wore a kimono of Japanese traditional costume. Back then she would read books on how to make clothes, and she made her own jackets and skirts. “I loved drawing and fashion from a young age. Now I upload pictures I drew and sell on my website,” she said.

Japanese and European traditional fine art mixed together is the core of Shiori’s brand Baroque Japanesque. The name of her brand incorporates her love of European and Japanese art. Now 46-years-old, Shiori works alone on her brand which was established in 2017. Her goal is for women all over the world to wear her designs and make them feel beautiful. This will be her first time in Vancouver showcasing her designs. Her garments are available globally online. During her show at Vancouver Fashion Week, she wants to convey Japanese and European traditional fine art through her designs. “This time I tried drawing Japanese traditional art on clothes. Even ordinary T-shirts turn into special pieces with my beautiful drawings.”