A special deluxe edition of the Bata Tennis shoe will be produced to celebrate 120 years young for shoe manufacturer Bata. Great-grandson of company founder Thomas Bata, Charles Pignal, has spent the last 18 months living in India where he was inspired to reintroduce the Bata Tennis shoe that pays homage to the company’s great history and also its manufacturing heritage in India.
“We thought it would be fun to bring out a classic vintage shoe from our archives, and God knows that after 120 years, we have vast archives across many different countries,” he said. Switzerland based Bata has sold more than 500 million pairs. Towns across the globe were created thanks to the company during the 20s, 30s and 40s to “provide a centre where employees could have access to schools, health care and supermarkets. Batanagar [translated as ‘Bata-ville’] is emblematic of the values of Bata, which were to try and be involved as much as possible in all the processes of product and to create these factories to create jobs in the community”.

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