Beauty Before Age

Colosé Australia has introduced the superior Swiss paramedical skincare range. With over 120 years’ experience in cosmetics manufacturing, it combines the highly scientific with the natural and pure, achieving astounding results in minimum time. Colosé products are now available through Colosé Australia.

The skincare and cosmetics products are made in Switzerland with high levels of active natural ingredients that deliver visible results.

With remarkable experience in production of skincare and cosmetics since 1895, Colosé’s chemists and scientists have been creating the finest, most effective products using the highly scientific and technical and combining it with the natural and pure. The paramedical properties of Colosé products make them noticeably effective and work in harmony on sensitive skin.

Colosé products are compliant with strict international quality standards. Quality is never compromised whilst delivering the highest level of luxury product and effectiveness at an affordable price. They are produced under strict quality control using up-to-the-minute technology in hygienic clean room conditions, and comply with the most demanding and stringent Swiss Health Department, European and US (FDA) quality standards. The dermatological properties of each ingredient are tested and classified and the finished products are subject to a final inspection by highly specialised institutes for biological, toxicological and bacteriological tests.

Each product has been formulated in the Swiss laboratories to target specific needs. The range is one of the most comprehensive in the world and caters for all skin types and conditions, for men and women and is proud to be a cruelty-free brand.