Best of New Zealand Made: BW 36.174

BW 36.174 geographically maps the longitude and latitude of Auckland New Zealand, where each garment is created by hand. Since establishing his label, Blair Wheeler has worked to push the boundaries of design through the use of unconventional materials, and methods.

Investing in a garment from Wheeler is so much more than just a transaction. When a client chooses a BW 36.174 design, they are also engaging in a personalised experience, and an ongoing relationship. This means that all of the designs at BW 36.174 are fully customisable to each client, and their needs. Intelligently crafted designs together with clean, and crisp lines mean that the natural curves of the body can be accentuated, and defined. These components allow for Wheeler’s collections to be modern, and sophisticated. As each garment is constructed for one specific client, alternations in size can be made at any point in the process to ensure that each piece is sized perfectly. This also means that no fabric is wasted, as each item is made to measure. Wheeler’s collection of fabric samples allows for the client to change components of their garment to ensure that it meets their exact specifications.

Since the debut of BW 36.174 in 2016 with a menswear collection, Wheeler has now expanded his designs to include custom womenswear. These new pieces remain true to the ethos of BW 36.174, and continue to challenge the traditional expectations of fashion. The new range of tailor-made womenswear fuses together contemporary, and innovative designs while giving a nod to classic corporate attire.

Each experience at BW 36.174 is customisable, just like your garment. BW 36.174 is a space in central Auckland where clients can explore the collection with the guidance of Wheeler. The hybrid salon-studio allows for each client to try on their custom designs in a relaxed lounge environment, and even enjoy a drink.