Breaking fashion tradition

The fashion industry is known for breaking barriers, and boundaries are being challenged once again as androgynous fashion re-enters into mainstream markets and is being celebrated around the world. In the world of royal fashion, however, traditional dress remains on trend with strict expectations deeply embedded in their style. However, it seems that even the longest standing rules were made to be broken. At the royal wedding of Princess Eugine and Jack Brooksbank, the fashion was captivating. Actress and model Care Delevigne made her appearance in a stylish Emporio Armani suit and a dapper Chanel top hot. The ensemble caught the eyes of fashion enthusiasts around the world, the actress being praised for sticking true to her chic, androgynous style.

Delevigne revealed that she sought the approval of the bride to be before making her appearance, to ensure that her stylish but controversial appearance would not cause a stir on her big day. The Princess was more than accommodating, she was enthusiastic, encouraging Delevigne to dress as she felt comfortable and embracing the untraditional presentation.

In the world of fashion, tradition does not stand up to innovation; it is exciting to see one of the worlds more conservative institutions stepping away from the traditional culture in order to make room for a much more exciting and inclusive future for the fashion industry.