It sounds like a broken record, but it needs to be said again. Fashion likes to repeat itself. It is no surprise then that both the retail market and the runway have begun throwing back to the ‘90s as this seasons historical reference, again taking a new but nostalgic spin on some classic defining moments.

Crop tops were a massive hit, and have come back with passion. Designers including Hemant and Nandita, Alice + Olivia and Kendall + Kylie have all taken their own spin to the old trend, executing various designs in newly available fabrics and prints.

Jelly sandals were originally developed as an alternative to leather following the Second World War, when leather was scarce. But contemporary celebrities, most notably Kylie Jenner, have pushed the focus on the otherwise forgotten fad product.

Another footwear flashback is the reintroduction of sky-high platforms, the likes of which were seen worn by the Spice Girls on various occasions. Notable brands bringing back the trend include Jeffree Campbell and T.U.K who offer both feminine and masculine variants on the trend.

While various footwear trends have re-emerged, one specific brand has been resurrected, Doc Martens have become the casual choice of many, a nod to the heavy punk culture of the ‘90s.

Finally, the re-emergence of ‘90s goth has been seen in the abundance of choker necklaces worn by celebrities and models alike. While chokers are now being seen in multiple styles, the classic plastic braided choker is still without a doubt the most popular option.