Cameron Tang at Aart Model Management

For Cameron Tang, this is his third time walking in iD Dunedin Fashion Week and the model expressed to us his fondness for the event. “I really notice the vibe of an event and the people involved,” asserted Tang. “The shows I've done overseas have always been a stressful event, and people are constantly on edge. But iD Fashion Week has always had a chill vibe with more smiles and friendly faces, that’s just Dunedin for you.” The model walked in two shows for the 2019 event, the Emerging Designers event and the Main Showcase, giving him a variety of looks to try out.

Tang has been featured in shows around the world and expressed to Apparel Magazine the immense differences he has witnessed between each show and every other model he has worked with. “Everything about the industry is so different. No two jobs are ever the same,” he related. “You shouldn’t compare yourself to the people around you that are trying for the same jobs, because every client wants something different. You have just got to hope it’s your package.”

“Everything about the industry is so different. No two jobs are ever the same.”

Every model has a unique feature which will make them desirable to different clients, and Tang insisted that there are plenty of opportunities to get ahead if you are willing to work for it. “Practice your runway walking and posing as much as you can,” shared the model. “Also, constant stretching is a good way to release any tension in your posture.”

Tang insisted that modelling was no easy feat and that it requires a lot of work to become a desirable talent. “I thought modelling was pretty fun when I first tried it out, and I was surprised as to how hard it can actually be to get a good shot.” Since he was first signed with Upfront Models, and subsequentially moved to Aart Model Management, Tang has continued to work on his craft and improve his standing in the industry.