To attract a younger audience, department chain Macy’s enlisted the help of fashion legend, Iris Apfel.

“I was called by Macy’s. They said they were looking for someone. They dragged me over and — voila — here I am,” said Apfel.

Apfel worked with Macy’s to launch a collection within INC called Iris Meets INC, a range of 40 pieces that capture the spirit of the Sixties Mod style.

“It’s been very fun. I like to do things that are fun. If you don’t have a good time, what good is it? The clothes are particularly suited to a younger generation, but us old geezers can wear it as well,” said Apfel.

Before manufacturing, Apfel curated the pieces with a specific focus on the accessories, making sure to include her signature round eyeglasses.

“Iris is about style. She is so charismatic when it comes to fashion. Her age is obviously something you can’t stay away from, but that is actually what gives her the gravitas, the attraction and the authenticity. There’s a fascination with her, and it covers all age demographics. In particular, Millennials are learning about the history of fashion through her lens. At events, they are just lined up asking her so much about her career,” said Nancy Slavin, senior vice president of marketing for Macy’s Merchandising Group.