COP26: Can We Make a Sustainable Industry?

Industry leaders will come together this week for the UN Climate Conference and are expected to increase ambitions for the fashion industry to tackle its part on climate change. Across the globe, countries will hopefully declare plans to cut emissions from every industry. For our particular industry, businesses will need to go beyond general carbon neutrality commitments. We are curious to see the outcome of the UN-backed summit and how readily different industries will hurdle new obstacles.

On top of a global pandemic, we need to demonstrate a readiness to move beyond the easiest sustainability steps.

"It’s all about setting higher ambition. That applies to apparel as well as every other sector," explained Cynthia Cummis, director of private sector climate mitigation in the World Resources Institute’s Business Center and lead on the Science Based Targets initiative. "Net zero commitments are great and everyone should have them, but they’re meaningless without near-term commitments."