Corey Lupton of Inhale Apparel



Corey Lupton is a self-starter with an intense ability to create communities for his brand, Inhale Apparel. At only 19 years of age Corey began his label when a university transfer did not work out as planned. Originally studying to be an accountant Corey understands deeply the need to evolve his brand within a business mindset. Corey’s brand could be called streetwear but is more a lifestyle brand than that. Inhale Apparel is called so because of the uniting moment Corey sees in an inhale. It is the breath millions of people take in a moment, whether before they push on to a skateboard ramp or begin a speech. Corey certainly embodies this aspect of his brand. With a love of skateboarding, snowboarding and fashion he has created a brand with a huge following and moved from his hometown of Nelson to Auckland to promote his label even more. What inspires Inhale Apparel the most is communities. Inhale gets right into events such as a DJ gig or a skateboarding competition through sponsorship and an active presence at each event. It is with a lot of hard work and determination that Corey goes to Fashion Week as a kick off point for many more exciting things to come this year. As part of the New Generation show he will be showcasing a high-end and fashionable streetwear aesthetic for both women and men. Inhale balances a very fine line between streetwear and high fashion with wit. Corey’s favourite thing about the fashion industry is its constant change. There is far more than one way to make a t-shirt and Corey likes to challenge this with his custom made tees. Yes, it is a t-shirt but it is custom designed from a blank fabric up, with his now growing design team. Being able to put where you’re from and where you want to go all into a t-shirt design is what makes Corey so excited about his label. Corey stepped into the fashion world believing it would be a bit more wacky than he has found it to be. Inhale is bringing their own ethos to the fashion world that mixes with music, athletes and various subcultures to make NZ fashion a little more unconventional.

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