Deanna Yearbury at RED11

Scouted by Prudence from Nova models (now Clyne models) around four years ago, Deanna recalls her double parking on the main road of Mount Manganui and following her into a store. “I remember thinking why is this lady staring at me! But she handed me her card, and I signed with them a week later,” she said. Last March, she moved to Red11 models.

Twenty-years-old, she comes from a family of farmers, mechanics and a receptionist. “So nothing related to the industry, although my Nana says she did some runway when she was younger but ‘we were allowed to smile back then,’” Yearbury explained. “I’m not sure I wanted to be a model initially, sure I watched all the TV shows like ANTM, and so on, but I never thought that would be me.” However, after growing ten centimetres in one year, she was scouted shortly after that. “Today I’m modelling as I love working with new people at every job, and seeing and making friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. My favourite part of the job is turning up at new places having no idea what looks will unravel that day, and then walking away with a handful of new friends and new shots,” said Yearbury.

The middle child of two brothers, her biggest achievement so far was walking for Karen Walker at The Marr Factory last year. She’s not currently signed with any overseas agencies but she has had interest and she is still hoping to sign overseas within the next year. “So far I’ve only worked within New Zealand, although for my first job with Red11, a magazine flew me down to Queenstown where we stayed in the mountains for a night. It was amazing but so cold shooting barefoot in a lace wedding dress on a mountain!” This may not seem big to others but for Yearbury, dealing with the cold when shooting outside is a big deal. “I have poor circulation (Raynaud’s Disease) and Rheumatoid Arthritis, so the cold is not my friend,” she explained.

Currently, she’s appeared in Magnolia Rouge Magazine, Housewives of Auckland’s first episode and has modelled in a Knuefermann fashion show. Apart from signing overseas her future goals are to work more and travel. “Travel would be an amazing experience that I believe would help me grow as an individual. As well as that an ambition of mine is to be in a campaign shot on a tropical island. That would be amazing!” Not content with only that, she’s also currently finishing her third year at Waikato University studying business management and majoring in Human Resources and Economics. “The degree is four years, so I’m almost done. I space out my papers over the whole year, so I have time to work as well, it gets a bit stressful sometimes, but it’s worth it.” Her advice to people just starting out in the industry? “Apart from keeping a similar active lifestyle, is to apply to lots of agencies and be nice to everyone!”