Designer Line-up for Paris Fashion Week Revealed

fashion show

Global Fashion Collective (GFC) has been excited to announce its designer line-up for its upcoming Paris Fashion Week runway show.

The event will feature a diverse and creative mix of emerging designers and take place on March 5 at Le Salon Des Miroirs in France at 4 pm and 6 pm.

At the 4 pm show, Blue Tamburin, Muvement, and IANN DEY will be showcasing their collections, followed by Philippe Périssé at the 6 pm show.

The show will be live in-person and live-streamed on Global Fashion Collective's social media platforms.

Blue Tamburin

One of the first Korean brands to attend all four major fashion weeks. The newest collection “incorporates and celebrates personal uniqueness, self-expression, freedom, and boldness that all harmonizes with social formality,” said the designer.


A futuristic fashion label created by recent fashion school graduate, Sunmu Lee, will appear once again on the runway in Paris after taking part in London Fashion Week in the A/W 2020 season. The collection is inspired by “the movements of the body and incorporating architectural shape and silhouette through 3D patterns.”


A haute coutre Mexican fashion brand will be presenting their newest collection, “FEDRA”, at the event, showcasing a mix of shapes, straps, colours and textures. For its latest designs, creators Iván Gallegos and David Márquez drew inspiration from butterflies, inspired by how they survive and their magnificent colours. The brand exhibits sensuality, elegance, and versatility in all its collections.

Philippe Périssé

Inspired by strong, audacious, and charismatic women, Philippe Périssé has created a collection featuring structured pieces with strong shoulders and cinched waists “to reveal women’s innate beauty and aura.”