Désirée Turner of Désirée


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Désirée is showing its sixth collection at its first show at Fashion Week as a New Generation show debut. Designer, Désirée Turner has remained aware of her brand since she began in 2009 and has been cautious to not grow her brand too fast. She sees this year’s Fashion Week as a career highlight as well as the stepping stones she has taken along the way. Désirée is already a strong brand with a lot of the garments and collections inspired by other strong women. Her Anika Shrug, a vegan fur coat, is inspired by Désirée’s own Nana, who was a prisoner of war strong enough to give birth to her child in a prison camp. It is these powerful stories that drive Désirée to step out of her comfort zone when designing. Her favourite thing about fashion is its capacity to let designers and wearers try out trends. Désirée pushes herself to try out new patterns within her penchant for florals and faux fur. However the trend Désirée will not try out is micro minis. She sees her customers, especially her taller customers, needing more length in their garments. Désirée learnt all her fashion techniques from her mother and a fashion course at Massey. Désirée’s aesthetic has evolved to be minimalist with a fun twist. There are a lot of two tones used in her collections as she likes her label to be wearable but not boring.

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