Desk to Dinner

While it might be argued that this is not a trend, there is no denying the increased popularity that is transitional outfits. In an age where everybody is time poor, saving the hour or so it takes to get home and get changed after work can mean the difference between missing your after-work dinner plans or the ever illusive happy hour.

Jackets can be a saviour not only for the changing temperature but in bringing a stylish element to the regular work attire. Designer Devi Kroell is a firm believer in the power of a well picked jacket, considering one every morning she knows she is going out. “The morning of a night I’m going out, I’ll reach for one of what I call my un-jackets – its got an ultramodern boxy shape with no collar,” said Kroell.

Considering you are wearing a blazer or some kind of top layer most days, it is not out of the question to experiment with cut-outs, specifically those around the shoulders or sides, which work extremely well in a dinner environment, and are easily hidden beneath other layers.

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing accessories. The trick is to wear a simple outfit that is not too powerful. This way the accessories speak for themselves, slip on a statement bangle or pair of earrings and the outfit becomes something new.

Along the same lines as the accessory principle, a change of shoe can change a simple outfit from day to night immediately. While it might not be as simple as a few pieces of jewellery in your handbag, it is simple enough to keep a pair of night shoes in the office making sure you are always prepared.

While a dress is the most versatile option, if separates are needed, think about a cigarette pant that is both office appropriate and transitions effortlessly to night. Coupled with a complimentary blouse and smart accessory decisions, the simple pant becomes an added element to a well-structured look.