Editor’s Pick: Lavinia Ilolahia


Lavinia Ilolahia is proud to present a collection which combines her cultural heritage with her flair for fashion. As a Pacific Islander, Ilolahia found that the expectation for her to become involved with sports was overwhelming. She decided to insert this stereotype into her collection, but instead of being weighed down by it, she found a way to feel empowered through it. “This collection is a physical manifestation of outworking what I do, which is fashion, with what society commonly expects I do,” she added. “Doing it this way gives me the chance to connect myself with this stereotype but in my own terms.”

Ilolahia’s design process began with a range of strong silhouettes. “When I design, I immediately design the shape of it and them come in later with the details,” said Ilolahia. The ability to reinvent classic shapes and reimagine the way the body moves is what most heavily inspired the designer’s collection. “I’m heavily influenced by silhouettes and the ability they have to transform the perception of the body,” revealed Ilolahia. While design is a passion for Ilolahia, the process of creating her garments is where she found the concepts really came to life. “I found that it was within the physical making that my ideas were formed,” she added. “There have been many times where I’ve set out to make one thing but finished with something completely different.”

Ilolahia is the co-owner of ‘Layplan’, where she and her business partner Talia Soloa freelance their work. Moving forward, Ilolahia is excited to see Layplan reach a wider range of consumers, which she intends to do through building new relationships and embracing the wisdom and advice she receives. Regarding the expansion of her brand, the designer has a clear vision of the future. “An online store is in the cards, and then finding quirky spaces to do pop-ups, instead of starting a store.”