From his childhood in a small-town in Virginia, Michael Walker moved to Tennessee, then Georgia, before finally making his way to the big smoke of New York City. With a degree in International Business and Economics under his belt, Walker worked as a National Account Manager for a conveyor manufacturer selling engineering solutions. With a hunger to see more of the world, expand his viewpoint and spend more time pursuing his love of adventure hobbies, Walker headed to South America which is where his journey to fashion began.

While traversing South America on motorcycle in 2015, Walker realised traditional mens underwear was not providing the functionality and comfort he needed in his travels. This realisation inspired Walker to combine design with his engineering background and create an underwear design which helped men remain positioned in an anatomically correct manner.

Heading back to New York City, Walker set up Eletrunks, and presented them for the first time at an FIT fashion show. Having been invited to present his designs only a month before the show, Walker quickly finalised the design and had samples produced, partnering with manufacturers in Brooklyn to test and manufacture his new design. ‘Eletrunks embodies innovative functionality. Everything we do is in the effort of making our growing customer base realize the potential of creativity and maximized comfort. This trickles into ethical production and sourcing by manufacturing in the USA in order to maintain the highest levels of quality available’ says Walker.

Looking to the future, Walker is business-like and ambitious. Aiming for volume growth of sales through direct sales from their website, and the launch of a wholesaling market plan aimed at physical and online retail stores, Walker wants to disrupt the luxury men's lingerie market with his innovative new design. ‘I knew nothing about creating a pattern, sourcing fabric, making samples, finding manufacturers or, for that matter, the steps to get into manufacturing clothing. But, after starting from zero and building a company, and going from producing a couple hundred at a time to a couple thousand in less than a year, I would say that anything is possible’ explains Walker.