The age-old fashion industry problem of counterfeit goods has penetrated social media. In lieu of operating underground, counterfeit Yeezys, Chanel bags and more are now for sale in the light of day (or at least, the light of your phone screen). Shown in paid advertisements on Instagram, these counterfeit goods are sold by stores which seem legitimate and have a much lower price tag than that of the real thing. With official-looking adverts featuring the logos of iconic brands like Adidas, consumers are easily taken in and may believe that the good they are purchasing is authentic.

When Instagram advertising began, Kevin Systrom, the platform's co-founder personally oversaw every advert paid for within the app. However, now that the operation is significantly larger, there is more opportunity for disreputable advertisers to slip through the cracks. This criminal activity threatens the advertising environment enjoyed by other legitimate brands. Instagram have responded to this by saying it removes every counterfeit product advertisement it finds.