Fashion Figure honoured at Kea World Class New Zealand Awards

One of New Zealand’s most prestigious celebrations of Kiwi excellence, the Kea World Class New Zealand Awards, is paying homage to an impressive line-up of the country’s most influential figures. Among the 2019 award recipients is Tim Brown, who has been making waves in the fashion industry.

Brown was the vice-captain of the All Whites until he turned his attention to New Zealand fashion. He launched the environmentally friendly footwear company, Allbirds, in 2014 and began his extraordinary contribution to the industry. The company creates unique footwear from superfine merino wool, found in New Zealand, and is committed to bringing their customers stylish and sustainable products.

The shoes were dubbed the ‘world’s most comfortable’ by Time Magazine, speaking to the brand’s commitment to their consumer as well as their environmental message.

To commemorate his impact on sustainable fashion, Brown is being celebrated as a World Class New Zealander and will receive a Tall Poppy statuette designed by Weta Workshop and Sir Richard Taylor.