Gigi Hadid​ for Topshop​

Although Hadid has 4.8 million Instagram followers, this is not the reason Topshop has chosen her as their new face.

Instead, their aim is to expand their international reach. Topshop has new and upcoming stores in the Middle East, Germany, Canada, Panama, and New Zealand, in addition to new third-party retailers in Southeast Asia, the Netherlands, and across Europe for 2016. By choosing a non-British model of mixed ethnicity, the brand hopes to position itself as a retailer for cool women everywhere of every race.

“Working with Gigi Hadid on this campaign continues to strengthen our international vision for the Topshop brand,” said Sir Philip Green.

“We are continually developing our footprint across all markets with ambitious plans both in the U.K. and internationally, and I feel like Gigi is an ideal ambassador to underpin these efforts.”