International retailer, Forever 21 is in hot water for a range of clothing aimed at young boys has been deemed inappropriate and sexist.

The t-shirts feature slogans like “Hola Ladies,” “Sorry ladies I only date models,” “Ladies Man,” and “Chicks are all over me.”

In response to the criticism, Forever 21 issued a statement.

“Forever 21 takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the t-shirts in question, after receiving feedback, we have taken immediate action to have them removed from our website. We sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended by the products.”

Professor of psychology Christia Spears Brown was shocked by the company’s range.

“It sexualises children at an age when they should not be sexualised,” said Brown. “Anything that says that only models are worthy of attention is never positive for girls.”

It isn’t the first time the company has received negative feedback regarding collections. In 2011 the company also released an ‘Allergic to Algebra’ t-shirt for young girls, it was swiftly removed from the website also.