From Forward Korean-Inspired Fashion to K-beauty

Olivia is a New Zealand based fashion label dedicated to bringing high-quality garments that reflect the fast forward trends of Korean fashion. Olivia combines effortless cool seen in New Zealand fashion combined with fresh feminine styles often seen in Korea.

Founded by Tara Kim in 2009, Olivia proudly supports ethical and sustainable values at all times. Olivia now has seen steady growth over the years, with three physical stores in Auckland and New Zealand wide through their online store.

Today, Olivia has extended its offering from sleek womenswear and accessories to a new beauty line. K-beauty has recently taken over the beauty scene, and beauty and skincare enthusiasts from all over the world have been quick to jump on board to support K-beauty brands.

Olivia aims to spread the love of K-beauty here in New Zealand with their new beauty line. Korean skincare and beauty products have a heavy focus on youthful glowing complexions and flawless skin texture.

Olivia has curated a collection of top K-beauty brands to bring to New Zealand. Olivia will only select clean skincare products with natural ingredients.

Brands that Olivia will be offering to their customers include Manyo Factory, La Muse, Thank You Farmer and Let Me Skin.