Google announces new ad formats

Brands will have a whole new set of tools to work with now that technology powerhouse Google has announced a selection of new digital marketing options.

The company have shared that they have made intense changes to their promotional formatting, with new features being added to a variety of their services and platforms. Brands can now place a targeted advertisement with the company on their Gmail, Google Images, Digital Assistance and YouTube apps. They will also be updating their Discover service to include targeted advertisements to over 800 million monthly users.

News that brands will have a selection of new tools to play with when it comes to advertising has been met with positivity, as fears were previously shared regarding the future of online marketing. While Google has continued to occupy the vast majority of online advertising, the group experienced a slowdown last quarter, speaking to the power of the newly launched shopping services on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.

However, the tech giant has announced another addition to their new line-up to help combat their competitors. The group will be making changes to their shopping service which will endeavour to offer a digital shopping cart for users. Additionally, much like the new Instagram Shop programme, Google intends to add shopping options for influencers’ YouTube videos. Vice President of Google Oliver Heckmann also shared that the company plans to launch a standalone shopping app in the near future.

Many of these projects are still under development, but their announcement communicates to brands that Google intends to remain the primary playing in online advertising.