Google's Cultural Institute, a not-for-profit part of Google, has been attempting to digitise cultural history - including the contents of many museums for some years.  But now they are turning their attention to fashion, in an attempt to capture and digitise a vast amount of fashion history.

The project is called We Wear Culture, and it even is attempting to use Google Street View to enable users to have virtual walk-throughs of important fashion museums.  The project includes digitised garments, as well as featuring online exhibitions and educational fashion sources created in collaboration with fashion museums and schools.  A large part of the project has been in transforming personal sources of information and personal archives to an interactive, educational resource which can be accessed by online users.

This content is set to be a huge help to designers and students, who will now have a wealth of mood-board content at their disposal, along with accurate and important information relating to historical context, materials and techniques.  In terms of predicting trends, this is also going to be a great resource for the fashion industry, although due to Google Art + Culture being a not-for-profit, none of the content will be commercialised, so it will be free to anyone who wants to use it.

Check it out here