Hallenstein Glassons’ CEO Resigns

Hallenstein Glassons have announced the resignation of their CEO Mark Goddard, following an immensely successful last quarter.

Warren Bell, a chairman for the fashion company released a statement following Goddard’s resignation, praising him for his contributions to the company. “His passion and commitment to retail and our business, as our group’s chief executive, will be sincerely missed,” expressed Bell.

Goddard’s resignation follows an impressive period of growth for the company. Hallenstein Glassons had a 3.1 percent increase in sales for the first half of the financial year for 2019, resulting in a rise of revenue from $151.2 million from last years $146.8.

Given Goddard’s great influence over the company since his arrival in 2017, it is little surprise that shareholders have expressed their uncertainty moving forward. Shares for the company fell from $4.37 to $4.28 following the resignation of their CEO, however, this is also to be expected in a time of leadership change.

The former CEO expressed that he wanted to be closer to his family and spend more time with them as reasons for his resignation, rather than any faults with the company.