hej hej x Caughley Pop Up

Since setting sail at Fashion Week a few years ago with their Spring ’18 boat party ‘Cruise Control,’ hej hej have been making waves in the New Zealand fashion scene. Started by Kiki and Alice, two ladies with a healthy obsession with linen and a hole in their wardrobe, hej hej proves that luxury can be carefree.

Speaking to the playfulness of natural fabrics injected with a punch of colour, the brand invites women from around the world to pull on their Fancy Pants, don their dancing sneakers and shout ‘hej’ from the rooftops.

With a large Wellington customer base, but no brick-and-mortar stockists in the city, their new collection, Ode to Linen, will be available for Wellingtonians at the Wellington Fashion destination; Caughley.

Taking place from the 3rd of August to the 9th of August, it will be a chance to get up close and personal with all the beautiful hej hej pieces.