Hohepa Thompson of Hori


Hori is a label that was made to break boundaries and challenge culture.  The designer Hohepa Thomson is stirring things up in his new home in Bryon Bay but is coming back to partake in New Zealand Fashion Week. As a part of the Miromoda show Hori will provoke runway goers to take a look at the ethnic status quo. Hori blends Maori culture with subcultures such as snowboarding and surf culture to forge a new style that is controversial as well as chic. Hohepa combines print, fashion and design when provoking a wider awareness of issues within New Zealand. Hohepa uses the many Maori symbols he has appropriated while growing up in NZ to team with his themes. Hori aims to turn heads for all the right reasons yet sometimes its voice is lost in translation. At a recent Australian Fashion Week Hori was banned from showing. Even though Hohepa was a guest there, his Ururu tee, that had a print of the Maori flag on Ayers Rock, seemed to be a bit too controversial. However, Hohepa was not set back by this and he continues to mix the good and the bad within his work. One of Hori’s latest garments is the Toru vest. ‘Toru’ means ‘three’ in Maori and the vest can be worn in three different ways. As a menswear and streetwear brand, this vest is important to Hori’s collection as it utilises functionality to get extended wear out of a garment, something many different males can connect with. Hori is manufactured through Hands Across the Water charity in Thailand that builds a community around an impoverished orphanage. Hohepa is driven to make a positive change though fashion.

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