Hush Puppies’ New Partnership Supports Women

Hush Puppies Australia has partnered with Happy Boxes Project to support women in remote communities in Australia.

Hush Puppies is encouraging their customers to reuse their shoeboxes and fill them with self-care and toiletry products such as deodorant, shampoo and soap, to be sent to remote communities that have limited access to these basic toiletries. Customers can send the bosses themselves, or they are welcome to drop it off at a Hush Puppies store to be posted.

"We fell in love with the Happy Boxes Project values and how they align to our Hush Puppies values. We also love that we are giving out Hush Puppies shoe boxes another purpose so they don't just end up in landfill," explained Jamie Kouktzelas, Marketing Manager, Hush Puppies.

The partnership between the two companies began in September last year. Hush Puppies has since donated 200 pairs of shoes to the same remote communities. They have also been helping Happy Boxes Project raise awareness through sending information flyers out with every in-store and online purchase.