Icebreaker Commits To Going Plastic Free by 2023

Icebreaker's Transparency Report opens the doors on all aspects of its business. Looking back on a year of natural progress, the report aims to highlight information on how Icebreaker clothing is made and provides visibility and education on its ethical and sustainable practices.

This year, Icebreaker celebrates 25 years of creating world-class natural apparel, and for the third year in a row, the brand has published its Transparency Report.

The report highlights its launch of long-term commitments to be plastic-free, an in-depth review on the full environmental impact of the brand's iconic 100 percent merino base layer, as well as a review of its ethical and sustainable practices.

“We want to change the conversation around how clothes are made and the synthetics within them and make the information accessible, to enable more conscious purchases. The apparel industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. As an apparel brand, we want to take charge and lead with positive change," noted Greg Smith, Brand President of Icebreaker.

Icebreaker aims to be plastic-free by 2023.

“Today, 87 percent of our fibre use is natural. We’re pretty proud of this but knew we had to strive for better and after listening to our consumers,
we are. Our long term product vision to be plastic-free first starts with our materials. We’ll be looking at how we replace, renew and rethink our collections with 100 percent natural fibre alternatives," said Carla Murphy, Vice President, Global Brand and Product.

Based on the letters of "Move To Natural", below is a M to L series that spells out the brand's top initiatives, to be shared across Icebreaker owned platforms throughout the month of September.