iD Fashion Week partners with L’Oréal Paris

With iD Fashion Week just around the corner, the event has announced a new partnership which will bring additional value to the week-long showcase.

L’Oréal Paris has teamed up with the fashion show to celebrate the event’s 20th anniversary. As a part of this collaboration, L’Oréal Paris will be involved in a selection of events throughout the week-long showcase. This will include designing and presenting the makeup looks for two shows on the Friday and Saturday, as well as the Breast Cancer Cure show the week before.

Head of Cosmetics for L’Oréal New Zealand, Carolyn Stewart, released a statement celebrating the partnership. “We are extremely proud to be a part of iD Dunedin. L’Oréal Paris is committed to supporting innovation and creativity and we’re so delighted to be working with emerging designers by integrating makeup and fashion in this way.”

Lisa Matson will be leading the charge at this year’s event and is excited to premiere a host of new looks for this unique event. “It’s amazing to be immersed in the energy, ambition and creativity of an emerging-talent event like iD,” shared the artist. “The passion and direction of the designers always inspire me to create something different, something new - even when challenged with conceptualising a single look that will work across all the different designers’ varying aesthetics.”