Industry Events Continue to Adapt to COVID-19

As we know, the fashion calendar has been shaken up but the effects of COVID-19. However, industry trade shows and events continue to turn to virtual forums in the hopes to adapt to this new era.

GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company's Apparel correspondent said, "health and travel concerns have rocked the industry's event calendar, leading to mass cancellations across the globe. But today's modern technology can help, with an increasing number of trade show organisers turning to virtual and other digital alternatives to help keep the industry dialogue flowing."

Trade fairs are the prime location and event for companies to launch products and get their brand in front of major buyers. It plays a key role in linking buyers with suppliers as well as being an overall inspiring event to be apart of. Instead of postponing events, fair organisers are successfully hosting virtual versions of their industry events.

For example, Kingpins24 - an online version of its physical denim sourcing show in Amsterdam, included live streams of panels, interviews and exhibitor content that were available for thousands of people who would've been physical event-goers.

"Organisers must look to emulate the success of their physical industry events to weather the storm and keep dialogue flowing in these testing times. It will also be interesting to see if virtual events become a mainstay of the fashion industry’s calendar mainstay post-pandemic."