With an innate ability to create communities for his brand, Corey Lupton has been successful in building the Inhale Apparel brand. After beginning the label when a university transfer didn’t work out as planned, the former accountancy student understands the need to grow his brand with a business mindset.

Named after the importance of taking a breath before an action, Inhale Apparel is a lifestyle brand that embodies and combines Lupton’s love of skateboarding, snowboarding and fashion. “It is the breath millions of people take in a moment, whether before they push onto a skateboard ramp, or begin a speech, that is an inhale moment,” said Lupton.

What inspires the brand the most is communities and it has been a journey from humble beginnings in Lupton’s hometown of Nelson to its debut at New Zealand Fashion Week 2014. As part of the New Generation show, Inhale Apparel showcased a high-end and fashionable streetwear aesthetic for both women and men. Lupton likes to challenge the constant change of the fashion industry with his custom-made t-shirt line. “Being able to put where you’re from and where you want to go all into a t-shirt design is a reason to get excited and see the potential of the brand.”

Inhale Apparel brings its own ethos to the fashion world that mixes with music, athletes and various subcultures to make New Zealand fashion a little unconventional. “We are continuously adapting to new customer demands and strive to provide great customer service. We believe change is good and necessary and you will see this reflected in our upcoming product lines.”

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