Inspired by Streetwear Culture & Design | CMDN & HSTN By Oakley

Oakley’s CMDN and HSTN were born from an immersion into the forward-thinking mindsets and unconventional ideas of their namesake neighbourhoods: Camden Town in London and Houston Street in New York City. Working with friends of the brand in the skate and design communities, Oakley’s team of designers sought out inspiration for the frames in the open-mindedness of these two destinations. The process involved Oakley embarking on a collective journey with these cultural instigators in an effort to understand what made each neighbourhood tick. As a result of this collaboration, the products represent cross-sections of street culture and sport, building off of the music that shapes our attitudes, the books that influence our ideas, and the people who challenge everything we know and believe.

We know that change is the only constant. Oakley is built on the pillars of ideation and evolution. It is how we not only survive, but thrive. It is how we redefine what’s next, what’s possible, and allow one another to be who we are. By combining progressive and disruptive design, CMDN and HSTN provide an eyewear experience steeped in cultural relevance that is representative of the unique qualities in each and every one of us.


For the development of CMDN, Oakley drew inspiration from cultural undercurrents with a nod to Oakley’s heritage. The resulting unisex sunglass is a fresh take non the brand’s iconic shields with a progressive, head-turning design. CMDN features a wide field-of-view lens and modernized trigger stem, coupled with a strong yet light O Matter frame that helps provide durability and all-day comfort. Available with Prizm Lens Technology engineered to enhance colour and contrast.


Oakley melds progressive design with heritage features in HSTN, a gender-neutral sunglass with striking modernised circular lenses. HSTN features a Prizm Lens Technology and a modernised trigger stem. A lightweight and durable O Matter frame helps provide all-day comfort and comes in two sizes for a more seamless fit. HSTN is available with Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses that can be customised to your exact vision needs.