Introducing the Timberland Brooklyn Boot

Global leader of footwear Timberland have released their designs for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season. The new release expands upon their previous year's range of AeroCore shoes and has been dubbed The Brooklyn Boot.

The Brooklyn Boot comes in three colours: light taupe nubuck, medium grey nubuck, and black, and bring a unique 90s flair to the brands signature outdoorsy style. Key stylistic features of the range include a side zip, thick tongue and the brand's classic industrial bottom.

This footwear series has been manufactured with premium leather and designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Recently, consumers have been placing a great deal of importance on the sustainability of their favourite brand, and Timberland has stayed true to their sustainability promise by ensuring this new collection fits in with their eco-friendly image. The shoe laces have been created using 100 percent recycled materials from PET bottles, a unique feature which demonstrates the innovative direction brands can use when approaching sustainable fashion.