Kathmandu prepares for globalisation

Outdoor fashion experts Kathmandu are making critical internal changes to prepare for international expansion in the coming years.

The group has divided their chief operating officer and chief financial officer into two separate roles, where previously they were combined. Reuben Casey previously held both positions; however, his role has now been reduced to just the chief operating officer, and Chris Kinraid will be taking up the roles of chief financial officer. Kinraid has been with the company since 2014, working in the finance division, making the transition more seamless for the group.

Kathmandu has released a statement confirming the importance of the coming period for their brand. “International growth remains a very important priority,” said a spokesperson. “Kathmandu is on a journey of transformation… while we are focused on driving growth for our core Kathmandu business in Australia and New Zealand, we are also, step-by-step, diversifying our channels, brand and markets, particularly through Oboz which has delivered strong growth.”