Kharl WiRepa of Emmanuel Gerros


Emmanuel Gerros is the alter ego of its head designer Kharl WiRepa. 
Kharl’s collection that will debut at NZ Fashion Week’s Mira Moda show is inspired by the art of fame. How is fame a manageable spiral for social classes such as politicians, celebrities and socialites? Kharl’s luxury and fiercely NZ based garments bring the glamour to every outfit, from corporate wear to evening wear, for men and women of any age. Kharl specializes in eveningwear with his millinery, wedding dresses and fur items being one offs. Otherwise some items are massed produced and are at a cheaper rate from his GotHim label. Kharl says the brand is all about 'inspiring people to be the most fabulous versions of themselves'. Kharl believes that everyone has an alter ego. His favourite thing about fashion is the power it can give the wearer and the thing he likes least about fashion is how seamstresses can be underpaid, especially in foreign countries. Kharl hopes to open a store in Auckland by the beginning of next year and is looking forward to Fashion Week as a career highlight for him. Kharl is in his 2nd year of Fashion and Textile Design at Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua. Like his clothes, Kharl is ambitious and his collection made to turn heads.

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