Conscious Kiwis are ever-increasing and sustainability is at the forefront of New Zealanders minds. As a Kiwi business, NZ Post wants to do their part. That's why they are proud to have one of the largest electric vehicle fleets in the country. The company is still working towards having 100 percent of their fleet electric by 2025. "I'm super proud of our commitment to a sustainable future for New Zealand," added Malcolm Shaw, NZ Post's chief people and governance officer. "NZ Post is here for the long run."

On top of these company cars, they also use the Paxster. A four-wheel battery powered efficient and flexible small delivery vehicle. The red and yellow wonder was custom designed for functionality and specially built for the job. It can also be easily recycled at the end of its life.

For larger jobs, NZ Post has five electric vans to assess their suitability for use as a courier fleet. This initiative will help towards mainstreaming electric vans in their courier fleet and will help develop new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the mail delivered.