Let’s Get Physical

Fashion is getting more and more comfortable, and consumers are rejoicing. As part of the 2000’s resurgence, sportswear is trending in a major way. Fashion month proved that incorporating sportswear pieces into a high-fashion outfit is a way to look fresh and modern.

Bomber jackets are still the jacket du jour. Moving into spring they will remain popular, as they are a great way to layer for the unpredictable spring weather. Bomber jackets are popular at a variety of price points, from Vetements to TopShop, and are a fixture of high street style as well as being featured in many ready to wear collections.

Functional gym-inspired bags are versatile and indispensable; a quirky slogan or original graphic print makes them more eye-catching and fun. Carryall bags and backpacks will also be a favourite of consumers for the warmer months.

Branded pieces are particularly on-trend, much like the label-mania of the mid-2000’s. This is good news for retailers, as customers are looking for premium products containing instantly identifiable logos or designs.

Sneakers are here to stay, they’re comfortable, fun, and perfect for dressing up or down for any occasion. Favoured in light blush or white for a clean, summer colour palette, sneakers are generally sold at a medium to high price point. Consumers are investing in comfort as well as an on-trend aesthetic.

Sports-inspired dresses and skirts are also very popular, as they exude a modern nonchalance and offer stylish comfort to consumers.