Levi’s Celebrates Pride 2022

Levi’s has debuted a collection to honour and commemorate the early activists and pioneers of the Queer liberation movement who first launched the fight for equality and visibility on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community and changed the world. Drawing inspiration from the powerful messaging of signs and posters from that era, Levi’s has designed a collection in hope to further inspire the next generation of LGBTQIA+ activists. For Pride 2022, Levi’s envisions to show that equality never goes out of style.

The collection includes a mix of apparel that each celebrate LGBTQIA+ activism in a unique way. Each piece is designed to be inclusive of all gender identities and sizes, making the collection one that’s truly open to all. In terms of gender-neutral clothing, designs often lean towards traditionally masculine styles, however, this year Levi’s wanted to create a collection with a traditionally feminine flair to it. To achieve this, the 2022 Pride lineup showcases never done before pieces, such as the Denim Corset and the kilt-inspired Pride Skirt.

To conclude the denim offerings, the collection also offers a faded and distressed Liberation Trucker jacket, a classic Type III Trucker with a Pride Two Horse label stitched on the inside, pearl centre shank buttons, and “Let Us Love” embroidered on the back.

Non-denim designs of the Pride lineup include the Community Tee, a concert tee homage with a list of LGBTQIA+ milestones on the back, a Roadtrip Cropped Tee with rainbow graphics of “Live Your Truth” and “Let My People Love!,” a Relaxed Graphic Tank with “We Are All Magical Beings” on the back, and a Relaxed Graphic Ragland Crew with a rainbow version of the Levi’s sports logo on the front and a small, embroidered “Equality Never Goes Out Of Style” on the back.

In support of this collection and to show their allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community, Levi’s makes an annual $100,000 USD donation to OutRightAction International, a leading organisation dedicated to advocating human rights for LGBTQIA+ people all over the world.