Levi’s X Google?

What does Google have to do with fashion? Everything. As technology continues to shape and change our future, it makes perfect sense for these two iconic brands to join together to create the ultimate denim jacket. Both brands are built on innovation, creativity and a pioneering spirit. Originally crafted for miners in the 1800's, the Commuter range has always stood for functionality, purpose-driven designs and solving problems that other designs fail to. Highlighting that great clothes should perform just as well as they look. Together the two brands wanted to create the ultimate jacket for the urban cyclist, that allows the user to control their mobile and connect to a variety of services directly on the jacket's sleeve without having to remove your mobile from your jacket pocket.

How does the jacket work?
As seen in the video below, the jacket has a conductive yarn that is woven into the fabric the same way traditional material is made. This allows the textile to be seamlessly interactive with services and applications through touch. However, the detachable smart tag is what connects you to your device. Just make sure you remove the tag from your jacket when you wash it. Once you have the jacket on, it's simple inputs like swipes and taps that connects to your device. From there you can control the music, silence calls or get an estimated time of arrival to your next location while riding.

The Levi's Commuter x Jacquard by Goodle Jacket will be available from Spring 2017 and can be bought in-store and online.