Local Artist Haser Joins Vans Martariki Day Workshop

Next Friday, June 24thVans will be hosting a customs workshop event for the first-ever celebrated Matariki Day. Matariki Day is a time for remembrance, celebrating the presence and looking into the future. 

Local artist Haser has collaborated with Vans to create a beautiful custom tote bag design that will be displayed in the store.  

All public members are welcome to head into the Queen Street instore to customise their tote bags. Haser will be on hand to provide custom artworks on tote bags for visitors to take away or create their own at the in-store workshop!  

Haser has created flash sheets with unique designs that can use not only on the tote bags but on any pair of shoes purchased in-store. Alternatively, all public members are invited to bring an old pair of Vans from home to be customised by Haser instore.  

From 11 am - 4 pm Next Friday, June 24th, Haser will be in-store customising Vans for any in-store visitors.