Local icon cameos in designer campaign

LEO+BE has partnered with New Zealand's well-loved Lotto presenter, Sonia Gray, in their new Autumn campaign titled 'TIME OUT'. Playing with sporting cues of time-out's in team games, this collection showcases the perfect mix of feminity and athletic aesthetics.

"Just like the high-pressure setting of a game final, each play is crucial and the latest from LEO+BE marks the winning strategy for the season ahead," said LEO+BE founder and co-designer Jenny Drury.

Filled with soft blues, bold reds and cloud whites, these sporty and girly pieces creates relaxed and effortless looks.

"My go-to outfit on any given day is a comfortable pant, a well-made tee and sneakers. I think Kiwi women look for those effortless pieces that also have a spark of something special, and for me, LEO+BE really nails that combo," says Sonia Gray.