L’Oréal Face Your Future

A new partnership between the Ministry of Social Development and beauty brand L’Oréal looks to open new employment and training options for young people wanting to expand their horizons

The programme, L’Oréal Face your Future, is being evolved in collaboration with Fostering Kids NZ and is currently in its eleventh year of operations. Over 500 care-experienced youth have graduated from the two-day programme with an expanded set of skills and experiences to propel them into their careers. The beauty brand’s new partnership with the Ministry of Social Development expects to see these numbers expand dramatically.

New organisations are set to contribute to the programme under the partnership including The Warehouse’s Red Shirts in the Community programme, New Zealand Fashion Week and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce’s CadetMax initiative. The new contributors bring with them a range of fresh opportunities to help more young people interact with the programme and a variety of qualifications.

Tanya Abbott, Group Corporate Communications Manager of L’Oréal New Zealand, released a statement commenting on the impressive evolution of the programme. “With the support of the Ministry of Social Development, this year’s Face Your Future programme provides tangible ongoing skills training and employment pathways with leading New Zealand organisations to enable the participants to consider what is next for them, and most importantly, that their destiny is not pre-determined,” she shared. “At L’Oréal we believe in the power of beauty. The beauty of courage, respect and integrity. These are the values by which L’Oréal has operated for over a century, and the same values that propel us to support care-experienced young people in this country.”