Lorna Jane comes to New Zealand

New Zealand has welcomed one of the world’s most renown activewear brands, Lorna Jane.

Move, Nourish and Believe are the sportswear brand’s key pillars, which they are bringing to their Kiwi consumers as they encourage empowered and healthy living for women. Aerobics instructor Lorna Jane Clarkson first launched the brand in 1989 as demand began growing for her self-designed and handmade workout gear. Since then, the label has grown and opened over 200 stores in 12 different countries.

The brand will be celebrating their 30th year of operations in 2019 and capturing the New Zealand market is one of the labels key goals.

“I’m excited to be connecting with our New Zealand customers on a more personal level now that we’re ‘on the ground’ and in the community,” expressed Clarkson. “Our customer is at the heart of everything that we do, so it’s a great opportunity to be able to provide her with a faster, more efficient and localised service.”

Lorna Jane offers have captured her consumers not only through her sustainable and fashion-forward designs but also through various personalised programmes. The brand runs a variety of programmes and events to promote overall wellness and health in its consumers. The Lorna Jane Active Living App helps users to continue engaging with the activewear brand as they work on their personal goals, promoting brand loyalty and awareness between each shopping trip.

New Zealand currently hosts two Lorna Jane holdings, located in the suburbs of Penrose and Ponsonby in Auckland. The brand is expected to open additional stores throughout the year.

For more information visit: www.lornajane.nz