Working out has always been guilt-free. You're doing something for yourself and something to better your health and well-being. Working out can now also be even better for the environment. Innovative sportswear brand, Lorna Jane, has released their new eco range, where a pair of gorgeous buttery tights will eliminate ten plastic bottles from landfill.

Lorna Jane's Eco range sees a recycled version of their buttery soft Nothing 2 C Here fabric that uses recycled fabrics produced from PET plastic bottles. This is created through an innovative process that crushes plastic bottles, turning them into flakes which can then be melted into pellets. The pellets are turned into threads that are then to be used in their tights.

Without compromising comfort, style and functionality, these tights and this new innovation is the next step for Lorna Jane in their sustainability journey. Lorna Jane has always done their part in becoming a more and more sustainable brand, from removing single-use plastic bags to removing the padding as a compulsory element in their sports bras. Nearly 70 per cent of paddings end up being disposed or removed before use, therefore, removing the padding helps reduce waste.

"Lorna Jane believe it's the small decisions we make every day that create change and we are committed to our planet and all of the people who live here. Our drive for the future is about ensuring that our communities, planet and environment are just as healthy as the women that wear our products," said founder Lorna Jane Clarkson.

Shop their new eco range now, instore and online.