Lauren Holehouse is an AUT fashion graduate who started her own brand after gaining interest in her final collection. What made her collection unique to other students? It was swimwear. Holehouse detected a lull in the New Zealand market for exciting swimwear, flattering with a unique flair. Unlike your typical, more conservative styles Malola swimwear is bold, vibrant and fun, experimenting with the classic Brazilian fit. Each garment is reversible, covered in custom prints and crafted with handmade fastenings. Holehouse encourages customers to mix and match Malola Swim and alter straps to find their own style.

Holehouse’s Grandma owned Uniform Update and she grew up watching her grandma, mother and aunty throughout the production process. Growing up near the coast also inspired Holehouse towards creating her own label.

The original swimwear currently sells online. After a successful crowd sourcing campaign with Spark My Potential Holehouse will launch her second collection before summer ‘15 and she hopes to start wholesaling with this collection.

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