Maniks is a street-wear based clothing company with a creative crew working in Papatoetoe. Since their beginning in 2011, Maniks has brought together their underground culture and design skills to create a classy, clean and minimal look for streetwear. Founder and designer Jeeta x, had always been interested in streetwear clothing and noticed a few things in the New Zealand streetwear scene that I could capitalise on. Quality basics and streetwear based on a definitive style rather than current trends was needed. A streetwear brand that focussed on female clothing was also hard to find. x brought her idea to a bunch of friends with similar interests and together these friends formed Maniks. It’s a creative outlet that allows the friends to work together. They all play different roles for the brand and all have a great time doing so. It’s a great way to pursue financial freedom while doing what they love.

Each letter of ‘Maniks’ represents a place where the firends have been, are from, or are planning to go. The individual letters represent Malaysia, Auckland, New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Suva, all of which are the places where this brand was formed, where the original founders were born, where they live and where the business started. The I stands for International which is the direction we plan to take this brand. Maniks is also a slang word for x’s city, Manukau.  Maniks goal is to consistently strive for perfection, maintain a unique style and provide people with quality apparel.

For wholesale enquiries, please contact Jeeta at