Chris Lim owns over one hundred bottles of perfume. He mixes his scent each day to keep everyone guessing. In the same way, Lim’s boutique candle and beauty products brand Maraca is made up of inspired fragrances that keep the consumer intrigued.

With seven years experience in luxury fragrances and cosmetics in Malaysia, Lim is passionate about the luxury experience. A firm believer in quality, Maraca meets its high expectations with exclusive ingredients. The oil used to create each enigmatic fragrance is designed by Lim and formulated from a traditional maker in France. Hand poured in New Zealand with soy wax and natural cotton wicks, the candles are assured quality.

Maraca currently has six candle scents with two more to be launched at the Spring Gift & Homeware Fair this August. Sensing consumer demand for floral candles, the soon to be launched Rosaraie scent reflects rose garden notes while the Mulan candle is the scent of a magnolia flower. Maraca is a New Zealand brand poised to compete with international luxury brands. Currently stocked at DFS Galleria, the brand is sleek and sophisticated, right down to the packaging designed by Lim’s brother. Expanding with body care and travel ranges, Maraca is eco friendly and has no toxins.

Maraca will be at stand 4040 this Gift & Homeware Fair and Lim is looking forward to meeting new interest. For more information, email