Massey Williams

Massey Williams is an emerging fashion designer that loves to challenge preconceptions. He does not see himself as fitting the usual fashion designer profile because he is relaxed about what he wears day to day and his main hobbies are rugby and shooting. However this is what makes Massey a formidable designer. He is inspired by textures, action and aggression and mixes military and sportswear aesthetics to create his modern take on masculinity. Massey is showing his debut collection for Disciple of Discipline at the Miromoda show at NZ Fashion Week this year. This will be his career highlight as he is humbled by the opportunity to have his collection on a large runway. Having just completed his Diploma from Design and Arts College of New Zealand in his hometown in Christchurch, Massey’s main goal for his brand is to learn more about the fashion industry, especially the growing menswear industry on the international stage. With Disciple of Discipline being a reflection of Massey’s own values he hopes to incorporate his adventurous spirit to create a competitive international offering. Massey has a rough and tumble spirit and believes that anything can be done with fashion, it is just how you utilize it. Disciple of Discipline plays on Massey’s own desire to break fashion conceptions and looks to himself, not the nay sayers, to evolve his brand.

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